StructuredWeb will be releasing a much anticipated upgrade to the SiteCenter. This upgrade gives the SiteCenter a new interface with improved usability and tools to make managing your website easier and more efficient. For example, content managers can quickly locate a page using our new search function instead of attempting to manually find it. With the addition of search engine optimization (SEO) tools and Google Analytics integration, you can raise your search engine ranking and increase the traffic flow to your website while tracking site visitation and trends.

StructuredWeb will be gradually implementing the upgrade in the coming weeks. This upgrade is free of charge and will automatically be applied to your account. Click here to watch a tutorial of the new SiteCenter.

What’s New

  • New Interface – Clean interface allows for easy viewing and browsing.
  • Site Map – View and organize pages and forms created on your account.
  • Visibility Toggle – Display only pages you need on your Site Map by temporarily hiding pages not currently in use.
  • Search – Quickly search for and locate pages and forms.
  • No Page Limit – Create as many pages as you need without worrying about a maximum page limit.
  • Delete Pages – Permanently remove pages that are no longer in use, reducing unnecessary clutter.
  • Page Headers – Customize individual page titles, descriptions, keywords, meta tags, and URL structure for increased search ranking.
  • Google Analytics Integration – Link your Google Analytics account by entering your Google Analytics ID in the Analytics tab.
  • Domain Management – Add additional domains and choose which page they need to direct to.