Driving Better Results from your Channel Marketing Programs

Today’s channel marketer faces the challenge of creating ongoing marketing programs that drive consistent demand that is scalable and measurable across their reseller networks. From creating marketing assets, to organizing campaigns, to translating content, to getting partners involved in marketing activities, to measuring performance, to pipeline management, channel marketing is a complex, time consuming, and disjointed process.

The business challenge With modern marketing technologies it’s become even harder to drive uniform results and consistent branding across reseller networks. Marketing has changed and channel marketers need a scalable, collaborative, centralized, automated, and ROI driven way to generate demand through their channel partners.

The Solution

StructuredWeb’s Channel Marketing Platform: Now every channel marketer can scale and optimize their channel marketing programs by connecting their teams, channel partners, and service providers to execute efficient channel marketing that drive better results. StructuredWeb’s Channel Marketing Platform enables companies with a complete set of solutions that include Content collaboration Tools, Syndicated Marketing Automation, Lead Management, and Real Time Reporting & Analytics, so they can aggregate their information, manage their partner’s performance, and drive scalable and repeatable ROI through their channel marketing programs.

With StructuredWeb’s Channel Marketing Platform, channel marketers can:

  • Reduce bottlenecks by enabling collaboration between everyone, from one location; internal teams, global teams, channel partners, distributors, resellers, MDF vendors, creative agencies, channel consultants, and telemarketing agencies.
  • Ensure uniform branding across partner marketing with collaborative content tools that make it easy to modify, co-brand, translate, and target assets in minutes – all from the cloud.
  • Increase partner participation, reach more customers and scale your ability to automate marketing programs for 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s of channel partners
  • Measure marketing performance in real time and track which assets, partners, and campaigns are getting results.
  • Provide partners with self-service tools, full service marketing support, every modern marketing tool – Marketing Automation, Social Syndication, Email Marketing, Direct Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Digital Advertising, Content Syndication, and Event Marketing.
  • Leverage campaign results of hundreds of channel partners at the same time to analyze market trends from a larger set of data, and discover opportunities.
  • Deploy results-driven programs, reduce bottlenecks and