Channel partners say the darnedest things…

So I’m attending Channel Partners Conference in Las Vegas, and there are several thousand channel partners, cloud resellers, and agents in attendance.  The conference agenda is jammed, but of course this is Vegas, so there is plenty of time for socializing, networking, and obviously blackjack.

Some of the best conversations happen over blackjack while making the required donations to the Las Vegas economy.  One of those conversations happened last night among two resellers, one telecom vendor, one subagent, and me.

In short, here is what the two resellers and the subagent said they wished they could get from their vendors and master agents when it comes to marketing and sales enablement:

  • Higher commissions (obviously)
  • Easier access to marketing content that is flexible for their own use
  • Ready-made, turnkey marketing campaigns for this content (they WANT to be better marketers but know they don’t have the resources to focus on marketing)
  • More support through the sales cycle, especially when selling new products like cloud
  • More tools to close the sale when selling a commoditized product and more case studies
  • Tools and education on how to better market and sell THAT specific product or solution

To the vendors out there, keep these things in mind when recruiting new partners and when strategizing how you can better enable them.

Michael Coscetta

VP Sales & Marketing