At StructuredWeb, we are committed to the continuous improvement of our platform’s user experience for you and your channel partners. Our team has been hard at work creating and implementing new features which further advance vendor management capability, partner ease of use and through-channel marketing automation functionality.

Check out the following new system features currently live on the platform:

Multiple File Tactics 

The system will now have the ability to upload multiple files for non-template file tactics wit ha total size limit of 1 GB. Users are also able to rename uploaded files within the tactic. This is a great new enhancement to the system as this will save time when uploading and downloading content. All uploading and downloading can done quickly and efficiently.

How it works:  After the tactic is created, users will now see a Drag & Drop feature on the page which will allow for multiple quick uploads. Once the files are uploaded, you will see the option to change the name of the file before saving your progress. When partners download content, they have the option to download specific files or they can click the Download All button which will allow all content to be downloaded.

For more information about uploading multiple files into a tactic, click here.

To learn more about the partner experience, click here.

Share Link Tracking 

StructuredWeb has added additional supported functionality to track share links. The system will now allow any user to add any combination of the five UTM parameters below within share links. These values will now be logged in our system for report purposes. This will give vendors a much more accurate read on which campaigns are being used so they can provide partners with content that is more in demand.

  • utm_source=[entervalue]
  • utm_medium=[entervalue]
  • utm_campaign=[entervalue]
  • utm_term=[entervalue]
  • utm_content=[entervalue]

How it works: Create a share link from the platform and then add one of the above parameters to the end of the URL, separated by a “?”. Replace the [entervalue] with the value you want to track. Any additional parameters to add after the first should be separated with “&” instead of “?”.

For more information about share links, click here.

Planning Tool Improvements 

Our developers have made some significant enhancements to the planning tool. Some of the new enhancements include the ability to add email nurtures to a campaign, edit and save the cost/ leads within the planning tool, and the ability to schedule activities within the planning tool. The benefit to these enhancement make the planning tool easier and more efficient to utilize.

How it works: If a user wants to add/update campaigns to the plan, this can be done by clicking the Browse Campaigns button. The schedule and email this works exactly like sending an individual email from the Tactics Tab, there will be a Schedule and Send button. To edit the cost of a lead, change the number of estimated leads. This will automatically change the cost of the lead. To schedule a tactic within a plan, click on the clock icon next to the date. Once you do this, you can schedule the tactic as needed.

For more information about Campaign Planning, click here.

Program Users Removed from Test Message Tab 

We have updated the Test Messages tab of emails to remove all program-level users from displaying in the list of users to send a test message. The inclusion of program-level users caused unnecessary confusion for partners and so was removed to simplify the view. Program-level users can still be sent test emails using the text box on the right.


If you have any questions or feedback about this new functionality, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 888-584-6480 or email our Support team at