We’re excited to announce that we’ve remodeled the StructuredWeb site. 

You know how when you get something new, you just can’t wait to show it off? We’re feeling a bit that way about our brand new StructuredWeb website. We thought our website needed a refresh to make it simpler and clearer for enterprise companies to see what we do and how we do it. Spoiler alert — we provide the most comprehensive and customizable channel marketing automation platform on the planet. And we do it by continually incorporating the feedback of our clients — some of the world’s leading technology companies, including AWS, IBM, ServiceNow and Google Cloud.

Behind the scenes,  we’ve been busy expanding and improving our channel marketing automation platform (more exciting news to share on this front soon) that allows you to actively engage your channel partners. To better reflect our latest platform enhancements, we’ve revamped, refreshed and renewed the  website in a way that reinforces  our commitment to, enthusiasm for and belief in the power of great channel marketing.

It was important for us to make the site  faster, more informative, interactive and easier to navigate. In addition, we wanted it to serve as a valuable resource for prospects and clients to explore and discover the value behind StructuredWeb’s channel marketing automation solution. Ultimately, our goal with the new site is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about our platform and our services, using helpful graphics, screenshots and samples.

The new site also includes:

While the new site is live and wide open for visitors, we’re not ever going to call it “done.” Our team continually updates the content with helpful information, blog articles, company announcements and client successes.

Consider this your invitation to visit the new site and discover more about how StructuredWeb’s channel marketing automation platform will help you build a winning partner strategy.