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Is your brand incorporating video in its marketing strategy? Are you maximizing that content by syndicating it to your channel partners and allowing them to personalize it? 

If you haven’t embraced video marketing because you think it’s ineffective, too complex or costly, I personally invite you to an upcoming webinar, Why Channel Marketers Must Integrate Video Into Their Channel Marketing Strategy, to learn the truth.

It is my sincere pleasure to host two of my colleagues, Kristi Gaudioso, CRO of AnyClip, and Yotam Ben Ami, CMO at Idomoo, as we discuss why video marketing is now an imperative for channel marketers and their channel partners — along with tips and best practices for getting started. 

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 1pm EST. You can register here

Together, we’ll learn:

  • The truth about video marketing’s cost and effectiveness
  • Why video personalization and syndication amplify videos’ ROI
  • How you can integrate video into your channel marketing strategy

Video is now the preferred marketing channel for many companies, and for good reason — it’s been shown to dramatically elevate conversion and retention rates. Combine video with personalization and those rates jump higher still, reported to be 8x higher conversion rates and 5x higher rates of engagement from personalized video marketing. 

StructuredWeb channel partner marketing automation platform now includes video syndication and personalization capabilities. Channel marketers are using the capabilities to empower their channel partners – enabling them to syndicate video content and personalize it for their prospects and customers. You can read more about StructuredWeb’s Video Personalization capabilities here

I hope to see you at the webinar, and am looking forward to your feedback following the event.