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We’re committed to the continuous improvement of our platform’s user experience and overall value for you and your channel partners. Our team has been hard at work creating and applying features improvements which further advance vendor management capability, partner ease of use and through-channel marketing automation functionality.

Custom Library Performance Improvements

As more content is added to your custom library, the speed for it to process on the partner end is very important. The partners will now experience better performance during their user experience for Custom Library when pulling Co-Branded PDFs into their accounts. Benchmark testing has shown speed improvements ranging from 15%-20% based on this update.

Tactic Preview Improvements

When previewing an email or landing page in the library, campaigns, or when downloading we have applied updates to ensure that the default placeholder logo will display in all tactics. This provides further privacy so partners will not see another’s partner logos displayed in tactic previews.

Social Marketing Improvements

To better support international characters and formatting when downloading Social Marketing Posts from the platform, we have updated the download format for posts to an .xls Excel file instead of a .csv file. This will support international characters without any changes in the view or formatting. 

Content Syndication Improvements

Process updates have been implemented to better support deleting an existing content syndication tactic and pulling a new version. This update will resolve any previous issues resulting from this flow.

Functionality Improvements

Updates have been applied to the Online Meeting tab of an event to maintain the formatting and display of the meeting details that are placed the Online Event Details Field.

Setting Improvements Tactic Expiration Dates

Support has been added to retain the previously set publish dates for an email tactic that is no longer available in the partner library. This update will allow the previous date settings to be visible when the “Only during the following period” option is turned on again.

Timezone Name Formatting

Timezone names have been updated to more modern locations and the UTC offset is now presented in the beginning of the naming. Lead Notifications Login links have been removed from form notification emails, and steps on how to access the submission information in Lead Management are now included in the email.