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There are two truths surrounding channel marketing in 2022 — personalization is expected and video is imperative. Given that so many brands have already embraced video (87%), you might already be on the right side of this truth. But if “Dear [FNAME]…” is the extent of your foray into personalization, hold on to your seat. StructuredWeb is combining personalization and video and rocketing them both to new heights with our new Personalized Video feature.

The double punch: why Personalized Video works

Video marketing works. Personalization works. Combine them and kapow — it’s a double punch of effectiveness. When your brand combines video with personalization, you empower your channel partners to send targeted communications that drive higher responses and results. Here are some of the metrics speaking to the power of the pair.

Benefits to Channel Marketers

Personalized Video gives channel marketers a new powerful marketing asset to share with channel partners. You’ll gain:

  • Full brand control — Customize the partner experience based on your brand, content, workflow and editable requirements. 
  • Easy setup — Simply upload marketing videos and identify elements that can be co-branded and modified by partners. 
  • Wider reach — Amplify the reach of your marketing videos through the sharing and syndication from your partner network.   
  • Increased partner demand — Help your partners drive higher impact and returns through effective, personalized content.  

Benefits to Channel Partners 

You know that partners are busy and need marketing tools that are easy to use and quick to launch. Personalized Video is that and more. Partner benefit from:

  • Fast, easy creation — Simple experience makes it easy to create and co-brand personalized videos to share with customers.  
  • Easy to share — Embed the video to your site, share on social media or download as an .mp4 file
  • Interaction insights — Access dashboards and reports to understand content performance.
  • Increased conversions — Generate higher impact and returns through effective, personalized content. 

What can you do with Personalized Video?

We stacked our new Personalized Video option with features to benefit you and your channel partners, including:

Customized partner experience:  Customize the UI design to allow your partners to easily create, co-brand and share them.

  • Design the video creation and customization process to align with your brand and specifications
  • Designate video content elements that can be modified and co-branded by partners
  • Simple point-and-click feature allows partners to easily create, preview and customize the videos

Dynamic personalization: Allow partners to interchange elements such as scenes, images, text and audio to make the videos more relevant to their audiences.

  • Visual variables include text, images and dynamic graphics through Adobe After Effects
  • Audio variables include names, numbers, dates and dynamic sentences based on rules
  • Dynamic scene selection allows you to vary the scene by audience segment (e.g., large vs. small company or new vs. existing customers)

Co-branding elements: Allow partners to personalize and localize the ready-made videos with their own partner logo and details.

  • Choose intro and outro messages, personalized to their end-users
  • Select background colors to match the partner brand
  • Pick their own music to play at the beginning and end

Sharing, syndication and reporting: Make it easy for partners to share, distribute and report on the personalized video content.

  • Embed the customized video within the partner website using simple JavaScript coding
  • Easily share the personalized videos on social media from the panel
  • Download the video as an .mp4 file
  • Access dashboards and reports to understand interactions and performance.

Rave reviews already

The feedback we’re receiving from early adopters of the new functionality, including both customers and their channel partners, is overwhelmingly positive. Customers praise the simplicity with which they can upload marketing videos to the platform and designate the parameters for personalization while still retaining overall brand control. Partners say they appreciate how easily they can personalize and co-brand the video, tailoring the messaging to each segment of their audience.

Dynamic duo

We think Personalized Video will join other unbeatable duos like peanut butter and jam, taco and Tuesdays, and avocados and toast. Let us show you how easy it is to get started by signing up for a demo.