Add Media to LinkedIn Posts

As social media has evolved, StructuredWeb has continued to advance and improve the social media functionality within the platform. Users now have the ability to upload an image to LinkedIn social posts using the newly improved user interface available for all social media platform campaigns.

When creating LinkedIn posts, click the camera icon to upload an image to go along with your social post. Then, set the date and time and schedule your post as normal. Your partners will be able to see the thumbnail of the image when they preview their social posts.


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Setup Market Assets without Leaving the Library or Campaign

Your partners will have the more user friendly experience to set-up required asset contained within the tactics without having to leave the preview on either Library & Campaigns tab. Currently, the marketing assets need to be set up before users have the ability to customize emails. Now, users will have the option to set up their marketing assets from the Library or Campaigns Tab without leaving the current tab you’re working on.

When a partner selects a tactic to execute in a Campaign or the Library without previously updating your market assets, they will now see a “Setup Assets” button instead of the typical “Customize & Send” option. Clicking this option allows the partner up upload the required market assets for the tactic. Clicking save will then copy the tactic to the partner’s account as normal.

 Add Email Nurturing to Campaigns

Users are now able to add email nurturing and email series tactics to their campaigns shared to partners through the Campaign UI without assistance from StructuredWeb. Within the tactics tab of the campaign, simply click the Browse Tactics button and search for the nurture you want to attach.

If you have any questions or feedback about this new functionality, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 888.584.6480 or email our Support team at, or your Success Manager.