With the continuous evolution of vendor-partner relationships in the landscape of channel sales and marketing, partners have countless vendors to choose from. As fighting for partner mind-share continues to be a priority for vendors, the change in perspective has a gradual effect to all components of the channel.

In channel management, it all boils down to managing vendor-partner relationships. Vendors who collectively take partner success and business success into account are one step ahead the competition.

So with their channel management strategy, what should vendors highlight? Here are 3 essential components that significantly drive channel and business growth.

Vendors who understand, embrace and act on this that their partner success is directly related to their business success.


It’s more than reading a newsletter or sharing related articles – it’s consistency. Partners can receive and leverage the information they need to strengthen their position, strategy, and results. A key component in making the best business decisions is keeping your partners updated on the latest industry trends and customer insights. From interactive webcasts to leadership connections, partners can gain insight, knowledge and awareness necessary to maintain a competitive edge.


Helping partners strengthen relationships with existing and prospective customers is the most effective way to grow revenue. With powerful marketing resources, provide support to assemble their pipeline leverage tools for your partners, as you help them understand their buyer’s goals. Revolution of the digital world makes it easier to encourage growth, effortlessly promoting the vendor-partner relationship.


Partners are often gone unnoticed. Many tend to forget partners have their own set of opportunities and vision into joint customers. Take a steady, hands-on approach with partners to have empowering, collaborate conversations. Keep in mind that every partner is part of a different ballgame; create multiple avenues for considerations include blogs, webcasts and feedback curves. As partners become a respected, valued element of your team, more demand is created.

By promoting education, equipment and engagement in your partner communities, you are encouraging channel management efficiency while polishing your channel strategy. Consistent implementation provides a strategic framework for building symbiotic relationships. Transform and reconstruct your channel programs into a influential, agile channel management strategy today.