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If you attended our recent webinar, Why You Must Integrate Video Into Your Channel Marketing Strategy, you heard one of our panelists share his favorite quote from a recent Forbes article, “Video or Vanish.” Given that video is expected to make up 82% of online traffic this year, and 72% of customers say they prefer learning about products through video — there’s a lot of truth in the phrase. People spend nearly seven hours a week watching online video — Gen Zers watch a whopping 3.4 hours of video each day. If your brand is not leveraging the power of video, you’re missing out on an enormous — and engaged — growing market.

Here we share some of the highlights, best practice suggestions and golden marketing nuggets shared by our panelists.

Video Provides Double the Value for Channel Marketers

Our webinar’s panelists, Kristi Gaudioso, CRO at  AnyClip and Yotam Ben Ami, CMO at Idomoo spoke to the fact that channel marketers have double the opportunity to leverage video in both To-Partner marketing and Through-Partner marketing efforts.

AnyClip helps companies make their video content searchable and shareable. Kristi says her company sees vendors and brands increasingly embrace video for partner onboarding, training, and how-to lessons. Video proves to be a cost-effective, on-demand way to communicate complex workflows.

Idomoo specializes in allowing brands and their channel partners to create personalized videos. Yotam shared a sample personalized video that generated a stratospheric 90% conversion rate. Brands, he says, can leverage and repurpose the video content they produce by allowing channel partners to personalize the videos for their own firms and addressing their own customers.

Debunking Video’s ROI Myth

There’s a common concern that video marketing is expensive. However, when video’s repurposed value is factored into the mix, along with its stellar conversion rates, video marketing’s ROI is significant. (Videos create 5x more engagement and 8x the conversion of the same content in non-video form.) To maximize the ROI, both Yotam and Kristi offered up a few tips:

  • Get more eyes on your video content by posting it in your partner portal, emailing it to partners, sharing it through social media — and allowing your partners to repurpose and personalize it.
  • Start your video marketing initiative modestly — go for the low-hanging fruit. Pick an evergreen topic such as partner onboarding and start with that. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet and seen the impacts of your efforts, you can go bigger.
  • Kristi and Yotam stressed that your video content doesn’t have to be all glitz and glamor. They suggest creating libraries of video you already have, such as recorded Zoom meetings and product demonstrations.

One-Minute Video Holds 1.8 Million Words

Yotam shared a Forrester article that suggests that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words. Video captures all the human nuances that written content cannot — facial expressions, arm movements, eye contact, tone of voice, wit or sarcasm, and sincerity. This makes video a unique and supremely powerful marketing tool.

Kristi reminded us that video humanizes a message and makes the message relatable to a larger audience. Over the course of the pandemic, many of us missed the human interaction we had in the office and with our customers. While video can never take the place of person-to-person conversations, it truly is the next best thing.

Stand Above the Noise

Why should channel marketers embrace video now? That’s the question we wanted to answer during this webinar. The short answer is simple: video is how people want to receive information now. Yotam said it well — you can shout your message into an empty room where no one is listening, or you can stand above the noise and move to video. Watch the recorded webinar here.