Are you interested in creating a successful channel marketing program? Channel marketing is considered more effective and faster than traditional growth models. But how exactly do you go about designing an effective program? Here is our approach:

  • Support customers. One of the best ways to implement a stellar channel marketing program is to support customers with all of their wants and needs while simultaneously counseling them with the available options and the suggested direction. StructuredWeb leverages decades of technology experience and channel marketing to support our customers.
  • Combine options with a robust platform. It also helps to combine the robustness of an enterprise-grade SaaS program with the power of highly customizable channel marketing options.
  • Deliver. StructuredWeb is laser-focused on delivering a channel marketing program in a timely manner, within the customer’s budget and at the highest possible quality.

The channel marketing process

Not every channel marketing portal and program implementation will look quite the same. A portal launch project involves a close collaboration between the customer’s channel marketing, IT and branding teams and StructuredWeb’s professional services team. The project can take up to two or three months for a successful launch.

A typical channel marketing plan will include a portal requirement gathering, SSO requirement gathering and portal mockups in month one, UI/UX implementation, campaigns requirement gathering, SSO development, template creation and campaign setup in month two and SSO pre-production testing and release and portal QA and release preps in month three.

Channel marketing best practices

Here are some best practices StructuredWeb follows, based on years of experience working successfully with some leading global enterprises:

  • Launch with landing pages, emails and social posts packaged into the channel marketing campaign.
  • Create three to five campaigns and plan to update and refresh your channel marketing content every few months.
  • Segment your channel marketing content for different kinds of partners for improved results and return on investment.
  • Channel marketing is a process, so make sure to follow the 5Cs methodology: company, customers, competitors, collaborators and climate.

StructuredWeb offers a powerful, flexible and simple-to-use channel marketing automation platform to prominent technology brands, including Google Cloud Platform, IBM, HPE, ServiceNow and Veeam, along with many other growing brands. Learn more by contacting StructuredWeb at 800.339.3711 or