Racking up nine awards is pretty good. But what makes it even more satisfying for the team at StructuredWeb is that these G2 Summer 2022 awards came from our peers – and that means something.

G2 is the leading peer-to-peer technology review site, providing unbiased user reviews to help tech buyers make the best choices for their organizations. G2 uses those reviews in its quarterly Grid Reports to identify top performers in respective categories – and StructuredWeb is proud to be among them yet again.

This time around, the company was named a “High Performer” in the Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA), Content Distribution and Partner Management categories for Enterprise companies. In addition to those honors, StructuredWeb was identified as “Easiest to Do Business With” for TCMA and Content Distribution, while also winning in the “Best Support,” “Best Meets Requirements” and “Users Love Us” categories as well.   

High-performing technology platform

StructuredWeb has been recognized as an industry leader in the following categories:

  • Category: Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA): TCMA software enables enterprises to connect their channel marketers, channel partners and agencies to execute scalable marketing programs.
  • Category: Content Distribution: Content distribution software disseminates content to online audiences across a variety of communication channels, such as social networks, paid search, websites, videos, blogs, email and more.
  • Category: Partner Management. Partnership is in our DNA.

We’re proud to earn these rankings as they speak to the capability of the mature, innovative StructuredWeb platform. While the recognition is appreciated, we don’t let it go to our heads. In fact, it only bolsters our drive to exceed our customers’ expectations and power partnerships at every level.

Thanks to you!