You Asked For More Simplicity and Accessibility and We Listened

Customer feedback fuels our development. Sure, we come up with plenty of great features and functionality on our own, but really, it’s the input our customers provide that drives the direction of the StructuredWeb channel marketing automation solution. 

Some of that input made it into the October release of the platform, with functionality that simplifies workflows and makes the content more accessible. 

Here’s what’s new. (View the full release notes with screenshots here.)

Content Management System moved to Portal Content Manager

We completely overhauled the Content Management System (CMS) functionality to make it easier for you to modify the Marketing Center experience for your partners. We moved the CMS to a new tab in Content Manager called Portal Content Manager. This new area gives you access to a purpose-built view to manage the user experience for your partners without needing to work in multiple separate programs.

Support for linking to Custom PDFs from other tactics

You can now link to Custom PDFs from other tactic types. This new feature allows you and your partners to automatically include links to co-branded materials without requiring separate customization or upload by the partner. For example, you can now have a partner’s email campaign link to a form that includes a co-branded document on the confirmation page. This option will significantly improve your partner experience, as now even more of partner-branded content can be automatically included within their marketing campaigns.

Support external links within file tactics

We have updated the functionality for file tactics to better support additional use-cases. For example, in addition to uploading files directly to StructuredWeb for your partners to download, now you can create links to external resources as well. These links can go directly to downloadable files hosted elsewhere or other external pages that you want to provide to your partners as available resources.

Remember, you help determine the StructuredWeb development path. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to help us build a better product for our partners and their channel partners.